Siegfried Galkin

Dipl.-Ing. Siegfried Galkin

  • Institut für Fahrzeugsystemtechnik Lehrstuhl für Leichtbautechnologie
    Rintheimer Querallee 2, Geb. 70.04
    76131 Karlsruhe


  • Materialmodellentwicklung für die Struktursimulation von Faserverbundwerkstoffen
  • Integration der Struktursimulation in die CAE/CAx-Kette


Modeling structural behavior of fiber reinforced composite parts by considering draping effects. PhD dissertation
Galkin, S.
2022, April 14. Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT). doi:10.5445/IR/1000144697
Prediction of forming effects in UD-NCF by macroscopic forming simulation – Capabilities and limitations
Kärger, L.; Galkin, S.; Kunze, E.; Gude, M.; Schäfer, B.
2021. ESAFORM 2021 - 24th International Conference on Material Forming, ULiège Library. doi:10.25518/esaform21.355
VMAP Use Case - Composites in Automotive Vehicles
Krauß, C.; Dörr, D.; Seuffert, J.; Bernath, A.; Galkin, S.; Kärger, L.
2019, June 20. NAFEMS World Congress (NWC 2019), Québec, Canada, June 17–20, 2020
Interface Challenges and Solution Approaches with Regard to the New VMAP Standard ina Continuous CAE-Chain for the Holistic Manufacturing Simulation of High Performance Composites
Krauß, C.; Dörr, D.; Seuffert, J.; Bernath, A.; Galkin, S.; Kärger, L.
2019. A world of engineering simulation : NWC, NAFEMS World Congress 2019 : 17-20 June, Quebec City, Canada
Experimental Description of Draping Effects and their Influence on the Structural Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Composites
Kunze, E.; Galkin, S.; Gröger, B.; Böhm, R.; Kärger, L.; Gude, M.
2019. 22nd International Conference on Composites Materials (ICCM22), Melbourne, AUS, August 11-16, 2019
Experimental and Numerical Determination of the Local Fiber Volume Content of Unidirectional Non-Crimp Fabrics with Forming Effects
Galkin, S.; Kunze, E.; Kärger, L.; Böhm, R.; Gude, M.
2019. Journal of composites science, 3 (1), Article: 19. doi:10.3390/jcs3010019
A Multi-Scale Approach for the Virtual Characterization of Transversely Isotropic Viscoelastic Materials in the Frequency Domain
Jackstadt, A.; Liebig, W. V.; Galkin, S.; Sessner, V.; Weidenmann, K. A.; Kärger, L.
2018, October 9. 8th KMM-VIN Industrial Workshop: Modelling of composite materials and composite coatings (IW8 2018), Freiburg, Germany, October 9–10, 2018
Generation of Reliable Input Data for a Damage Model Taking Use of a Closed CAE-Chain Containing Material Interfaces
Krauß, C.; Galkin, S.; Kärger, L.
2018, July 27. 13th World Congress in Computational Mechanics (2018), New York, NY, USA, July 22–27, 2018
Forming optimisation embedded in a CAE chain to assess and enhance the structural performance of composite components
Kärger, L.; Galkin, S.; Zimmerling, C.; Dörr, D.; Linden, J.; Oeckerath, A.; Wolf, K.
2018. Composite structures, 192, 143–152. doi:10.1016/j.compstruct.2018.02.041
Strength of UD-laminates depending on the fiber volume content: experimental tests and modelling
Galkin, S.; Kärger, L.
2018. 18th European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM 2018), Athen, GR, June 24-28, 2018
Continuous Process Simulation for Continuous Fiber Reinforced Composites
Kärger, L.; Dörr, D.; Poppe, C.; Seuffert, J.; Bernath, A.; Galkin, S.; Zimmerling, C.; Henning, F.
2018. International VDI Conference - Simulation in Automotive Lightweight Engineering (2018), Amsterdam, Netherlands, April 25–26, 2018
Simplified phenomenological model of the nonlinear behavior of FRPs under combined stress states
Galkin, S.; Schirmaier, F. J.; Kärger, L.
2018. Journal of composite materials, 52 (4), 475–485. doi:10.1177/0021998317709332
Simulation methods for process design of structural composite components
Kärger, L.; Bernath, A.; Dörr, D.; Galkin, S.; Magagnato, D.; Schirmaier, F.; Henning, F.
2016. 1st Simpulsday greenCAE (2016), Weissach, Germany, November 10, 2016
Stress analysis and design suggestions for multi-loop carbon roving rosettes to reinforce bolt-loaded open-hole laminates
Kärger, L.; Botzkowski, T.; Galkin, S.; Wagner, S.; Sikora, S. P.
2016. ECCM 2016 - Proceeding of the 17th European Conference on Composite Materials; Munich; Germany; 26 June 2016 through 30 June 2016, European Society for Composite Materials (ESCM)
Experimental and numerical analysis of bolt-loaded open-hole laminates reinforced by winded carbon rovings
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2016. Composite structures, 141, 194–202. doi:10.1016/j.compstruct.2016.01.057
Experimentelle und virtuelle Strukturbewertung von FVW unter statischer Belastung - vom Coupon zum finalen Bauteil anhand der CAE-Kette
Galkin, S.; Brylka, B.; Ruck J.; Häfele, P.; Gall, M.; Mohrmann, H.; Fey, P.
2015. Abschlussworkshop Technologie-Cluster Composites Baden-Württemberg TC² (2015), Pfinztal, Deutschland, February 4–5, 2015
Holistic Development of High-Pressure RTM Composite Structures
Henning, F.; Bernath, A.; Galkin, S.; Kärger, L.; Magagnato, D.; Schirmaier, F.; Thoma, B.
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Development and validation of a CAE chain for unidirectional fibre reinforced composite components
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Development Stage and Application of a Virtual Process Chain for RTM Components
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2014. NAFEMS Seminar: “Simulation of Composites – A Closed Process Chain?”, 107–118, NAFEMS Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz GmbH
Parametrisierung und Evaluierung von Schädigungsmodellen für Faserverbundkunststoffe auf Basis umfangreicher Charakterisierungs- und Validierungsversuche
Galkin, S.; Kärger, L.; Häfele, P.; Gall, M.; Voß, H.; Henning, F.
2014. International Association for the Engineering Analysis Community -NAFEMS-: Berechnung und Simulation - Anwendungen, Entwicklungen, Trends : NAFEMS deutschsprachige Konferenz 2014; 20-21 Mai 2014, Bamberg Bernau am Chiemsee: NAFEMS Deutschland, 2014, 133–137