CAE-Chain & Mapping

The product development process takes place in the  tension triangle spanned by material, manufacturing process and design. Especially when considering fiber-reinforced plastics, these levels are in constant interaction. Our CAE chain approach links individual process steps as well as the actual component simulation within a digital twin. This allows us to identify manufacturing effects and their influence on performance at an early stage and also taking those into account when optimizing the process and material selection as well as the design. Hereby, the data transfer between different computational meshes plays a central role and requires the selection of suitable mapping algorithms - especially when considering direction-dependent variables.


Research focus
  • Consideration of manufacturing effects along the virtual process chain
  • Informatically and physically consistent transfer of relevant result data and meta-information
  • Iterative optimization of component and process over several process steps
  • Mapping and interpolation of field quantities between non-congruent discretizations


Research projects

M.Sc. Constantin Krauß
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Concept of the virtual process chain for continuous fiber-reinforced materials
Manufacturing effects: deviating fiber orientations in double-curved areas

Selected publications in the research field

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Aufbau einer durchgängigen CAE-Kette durch Verknüpfung von Drapier-, Formfüll- und Struktursimulation zur ganzheitlichen Bewertung von Bauteilen aus Hochleistungsfaserverbunden
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