Lightweight construction with fiber composite plastics


Lecture with practical part

A joint teaching concept of FAST-LBT and IAM-WK brings the students closer to theory and practice in relation to lightweight construction with fibre-reinforced plastics. The students are confronted in small groups (max. 4 p.) with an engineering problem in the context of lightweight construction, e.g. the design of a bending beam with the highest possible load-bearing capacity with space and weight restrictions. To solve the problem, different materials (fibers, resins, foams, etc.) and the necessary material data are provided, which can be combined as desired. Through an introductory basic teaching of the mechanics of fiber-composite plastics and corresponding simulation techniques, the students first develop theoretical solutions, which they verify by simulation. Subsequently, the solutions are implemented in the workshops of the IAM-WK, the fiber composite components are manufactured and tested on the test benches. The students acquire sound knowledge in the field of fiber composite plastics (materials, manufacturing, manufacturing effects, restrictions, etc.), structural simulation (model setup, simplifications, assumptions, material models, etc.) as well as material characterization and testing. Building on the introductory basic courses, the knowledge is largely acquired independently, using real and practical problems.
  • Basics of lightweight construction strategies
  • Basics of fibre composite plastics
  • Basics of FEM simulation with non-isotropic multi-material systems
  • Simulative component analysis
  • Manufacturing of fibre composite plastics
  • Mechanical testing

Dr.-Ing. Luise Kärger (FAST-LBT), Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Liebig (IAM-WK)




Period of time:

Winter semester


Success control:

Oral examination


Number of participants Limited

The workload for the course is 120 h per semester and consists of attendance in the lectures (21 h), pre- and post-processing time at home (51 h) and exam preparation time (48 h). This results in 2 SWS and 4 LP.


Recommendations as prior knowledge:
  • Materials for lightweight construction
  • Structural calculation of fibre composite laminates
  • Fibre reinforced plastics - polymers, fibres, semi-finished products, processing


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