Hybride Verbunde

Hybrid laminates offer the potential of further improving the already outstanding mechanical properties of fiber reinforced composites. Examples are found in the increased fatigue life, the higher damage tolerance during impact and the tailored damping behavior. In order to accurately predict the structural behavior of hybrid laminates and components, we not only deploy appropriate complex material models, but also use efficient modeling strategies on the laminate scale. This ensures a favorable trade-off between forecast quality and simulation time. Currently, we model and analyze the optimized damping behavior of lightweight structures with elastomer layers embedded in the laminate.


Research focus
  • Prediction of the vibrational behvior of laminates with viscoelastic layers
  • Simulation of different damage types within the laminate
  • Development of analytical methods fort he rapid analysis of different laminate configurations


Research projects

M.Sc. Alexander Jackstadt
Tel.: +49 721 608-45365
Email: alexander.jackstadt∂kit.edu


M.Sc. Henrik Werner
Tel.: +49 721 608-46595
Email: henrik.werner∂kit.edu



Finite element model of a hybrid CFRP/elastomer/metal laminate

Selected publications in the research field

Analytical modeling and investigation of constrained layer damping in hybrid laminates based on a unified plate formulation.
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Extension of an analytical solution of a unified formulation to the frequency response of composite plates with viscoelastic layers.
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