Structural simulation of discontinuous reinforced polymer composites

Unlike most metals, the material behavior of discontinuous fiber composites is locally variable. It depends, for example, on the local fiber volume content and the local fiber orientation that arises in the manufacturing process. The continuous virtual process chain enables us to transfer this information from process simulations to structural simulations. In the model creation, materials with similar properties are efficiently grouped in order to obtain a manageable number of material clusters and yet precisely resolve the material behavior locally. The material behavior itself is usually described using mean-field homogenization methods. 


Research focus
  • Transfer of process simulation data to structural simulations
  • Automatization of model set ups


Research projects

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M.Sc. Shubham Gorde
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Groups of similar material properties in an injection molded specimen

Selected publications in the research field

Virtual process chain of sheet molding compound: Development, validation and perspectives
Görthofer, J.; Meyer, N.; Pallicity, T. D.; Schöttl, L.; Trauth, A.; Schemmann, M.; Hohberg, M.; Pinter, P.; Elsner, P.; Henning, F.; Hrymak, A.; Seelig, T.; Weidenmann, K.; Kärger, L.; Böhlke, T.
2019. Composites / B, 169, 133–147. doi:10.1016/j.compositesb.2019.04.001