Simulation of the process chain of continuously reinforced fiber composite components

  • Virtual process chain (CAE chain)

  • Draping: Draping behavior of semi-finished products, draping process, draping simulation

  • Mold filling: fluid mechanics, viscosity and permeability, mold filling simulation Curing: crosslinking reaction, thermomechanics, residual stresses, component distortion

  • Structural simulation: modeling of multilayer structures,
    Influence of manufacturing effects on component behavior

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Luise Kärger (FAST-LB)




Summer Semester

Lecture & Lecture Hall Exercise:

Mondays 09:45 - 11:15

Building 20.30, Room -1.009

Outcome Assessment:

Oral exam

Effort: 2 SWS

The workload for the course is 120 h per semester and consists of attendance in the lectures (21 h), pre- and post-processing time at home (51 h) and exam preparation time (48 h).