Injection Molding

We model the mold filling process for thermoplastics and thermosets non-isothermal, transient and three-dimensional. The simulation model corresponds to the cavity in the real process. Screw chamber, plastication unit and temperature control are included as initial/boundary conditions. Process parameters such as filling rate, switchover point, material and mold temperature can be adopted. The material is simulated non-Newtonian and, in the case of fiber reinforcement, anisotropic.  Key results are temperature and pressure distribution, fiber orientation and statements about weld lines, air inclusions, etc. The fiber orientation created in the process can be used for structure and warpage simulations.

Research focus
  • Non-Newtonian Flow Modelling
  • Anisotropic Flow
  • Fiber Breakage
  • Warpage
  • Recycling Materials
  • Close to contour tempering
  • Probabilistic Simulations


Research projects

M.Sc. Florian Wittemann
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M.Sc. Bhimesh
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Process simulation of fiber-reinforced injection molding
Injection molding simulation

Selected publications in the research field

Simulation of Reinforced Reactive Injection Molding with the Finite Volume Method.
Wittemann, F.; Maertens, R.; Bernath, A.; Hohberg, M.; Kärger, L.; Henning, F.
2018. Journal of composites science, 2 (1), Aritcle no: 5. doi:10.3390/jcs2010005