Lightweight design Workshop for 10th graders


Is glass a strong material? Who would sit in a car made of glass? Is it even possible to build resilient components with glass? Why is a ship made of steel and an airplane made of aluminum? And is a pitch-black piece of cloth the solution to saving energy?

We want to take you with us into the future! Together we look at materials that will be built into our cars in the future. Come along and test the possibilities of different materials! Together we then check and design the components on the computer and you try them out in reality. And finally, you can design your own component – ​​like a real engineer!

The workshop is divided into four units: First, we look at what engineers actually do - that's a lot more than you´d think! After that we have two exercises in which we look at what is important when designing a lightweight component and finally we look at what materials can help us to make these components even lighter.

Next dates and registration

The next workshop always takes place in the last few days before the summer holidays. It will be announced on time on this website and the online registration form will be opened.

If you have any questions, please contact our organisation team at Leichtbau-workshop∂


Computeraided component design
Comparison of lightweight materials: CFRP, Steel and Aluminium