The selection of suitable materials and processes is of significant importance for the quality and functionality of a product. Particularly in the case of fiber composites, the performance of the final component is largely determined by the material history within the production route. In many cases, the virtual mapping of the individual process steps is already possible using commercial and free software tools. However, for the modeling and optimization of closed-loop process chains, efficient and robust software interfaces are needed to ensure the exchange of material information between the individual simulation steps.

The central goal of the international VMAP project is therefore to expand the simulation tools, which have so far been incompatible with each other in terms of material parameters, in such a way that it is easier to exchange the relevant physical material variables. The VMAP project is striving for an open standard of these material interfaces, which can also be used by other software providers not involved in the project.

In addition to fiber composites, the VMAP project will implement application scenarios for various industrially representative material classes and manufacturing processes such as plastic injection molding, additive manufacturing and sheet metal forming.

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