Oleg Saburow

Dipl.-Ing. Oleg Saburow


Parameter Identification of Fiber Orientation Models Based on Direct Fiber Simulation with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
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Modeling of damage and viscoelasticity of recycled carbon fiber reinforced Bulk Molding Compound
Saburow, O.; Henning, F.
2019, May 8. 12th International Conference on Composite Science and Technology (2019), Sorrento, Italy, May 8–10, 2019
Evaluation of an Integral Injection Molded Housing for High Power Density Synchronous Machines with Concentrated Single-Tooth Winding
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A revisit of Jeffery‘s equation - modelling fiber suspensions with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
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A Direct Process to Reuse Dry Fiber Production Waste for Recycled Carbon Fiber Bulk Molding Compounds
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A holistic approach to use multi-scale fractions of dry carbon fibre production waste in filled bulk moulding compounds (BMC)
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