Dr.-Ing. Julian Seuffert

Research Focus

  • Simulation of mold filling in Resin Transfer Molding


Numerical Investigation of the Mold Filling Behavior of Sandwich Parts in Resin Transfer Molding
Dietrich, S.; Seuffert, J.; Kärger, L.
2023. 23rd International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM 2023), 8 S., Queen’s University Belfast
On the Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) Infiltration of Fiber-Reinforced Composites made by Tailored Fiber Placement
Bittrich, L.; Seuffert, J.; Dietrich, S.; Uhlig, K.; Lisboa, T. de V.; Kärger, L.; Spickenheuer, A.
2022. Polymers, 14 (22), Art.-Nr.: 4873. doi:10.3390/polym14224873
A Benchmark for Fluid-Structure-Interaction in Hybrid Manufacturing: Simulation with preCICE in OpenFOAM
Dietrich, S.; Seuffert, J.; Werner, H.; Meyer, N.; Poppe, C.; Krauß, C.; Kärger, L.
2022, June 9. 8th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering (ECCOMAS 2022), Oslo, Norway, June 5–9, 2022
Mold-filling Simulation of Resin Transfer Molding with Fluid-Structure Interaction. PhD dissertation
Seuffert, J.
2022, April 4. Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT). doi:10.5445/IR/1000144393
Micro-Scale Permeability Characterization of Carbon Fiber Composites Using Micrograph Volume Elements
Seuffert, J.; Bittrich, L.; Cardoso de Oliveira, L.; Spickenheuer, A.; Kärger, L.
2021. Frontiers in Materials, 8, Art. Nr.: 745084. doi:10.3389/fmats.2021.745084
A Benchmark for Fluid-Structure Interaction in Hybrid Manufacturing: Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian Simulation
Meyer, N.; Werner, H. O.; Seuffert, J.; Dietrich, S.; Poppe, C.; Krauß, C.; Kärger, L.
2021, July 21. 5th International Conference on Hybrid Materials and Structures (2022), Leoben, Austria, July 20–22, 2022
Deep neural networks as surrogate models for time-efficient manufacturing process optimisation
Zimmerling, C.; Schindler, P.; Seuffert, J.; Kärger, L.
2021. ESAFORM 2021 - 24th International Conference on Material Forming, ULiège Library. doi:10.25518/esaform21.3882
Experimental and numerical analysis of mold filling in rotational molding
Nieschlag, J.; Seuffert, J.; Strack, D.; Friedmann, M.; Kärger, L.; Henning, F.; Fleischer, J.
2021. Journal of Composites Science, 5 (11), 289. doi:10.3390/jcs5110289
Experimental and numerical investigations of pressure-controlled resin transfer molding (PC-RTM)
Seuffert, J.; Rosenberg, P.; Kärger, L.; Henning, F.; Kothmann, M. H.; Deinzer, G.
2020. Advanced manufacturing: polymer & composites science, 6 (3), 154–163. doi:10.1080/20550340.2020.1805689
Investigations on intrinsically manufactured FRP/metal composites - from embedded inserts to load-bearing hybrid structures
Bernath, A.; Seuffert, J.; Muth, M.; Roth, S.; Fleischer, J.; Weidenmann, K. A.; Henning, F.
2020, April 29. 4th International Conference Hybrid - Materials and Structures (2020), Online, April 28–29, 2020
VMAP Use Case - Composites in Automotive Vehicles
Krauß, C.; Dörr, D.; Seuffert, J.; Bernath, A.; Galkin, S.; Kärger, L.
2019, June 20. NAFEMS World Congress (NWC 2019), Québec, Canada, June 17–20, 2020
Interface Challenges and Solution Approaches with Regard to the New VMAP Standard ina Continuous CAE-Chain for the Holistic Manufacturing Simulation of High Performance Composites
Krauß, C.; Dörr, D.; Seuffert, J.; Bernath, A.; Galkin, S.; Kärger, L.
2019. A world of engineering simulation : NWC, NAFEMS World Congress 2019 : 17-20 June, Quebec City, Canada
Fast processing and continuous simulation of automotive structural composite components
Henning, F.; Kärger, L.; Dörr, D.; Schirmaier, F. J.; Seuffert, J.; Bernath, A.
2019. Composites science and technology, 171, 261–279. doi:10.1016/j.compscitech.2018.12.007
Numerical and experimental investigation of manufacturing and performance of metal inserts embedded in CFRP
Muth, M.; Schwennen, J.; Bernath, A.; Seuffert, J.; Weidenmann, K. A.; Fleischer, J.; Henning, F.
2018. Production engineering, 12 (2), 141–152. doi:10.1007/s11740-018-0829-9
Strömungsmechanische Simulationen zur Herstellung von Faserverbundbauteilen
Henning, F.; Seuffert, J.; Wittemann, F.
2018, January 15. Strömungsmechanik und Strömungsmaschinen (2018), Karlsruhe, Germany, January 15, 2018
Continuous Process Simulation for Continuous Fiber Reinforced Composites
Kärger, L.; Dörr, D.; Poppe, C.; Seuffert, J.; Bernath, A.; Galkin, S.; Zimmerling, C.; Henning, F.
2018. International VDI Conference - Simulation in Automotive Lightweight Engineering (2018), Amsterdam, Netherlands, April 25–26, 2018
Simulating Mold Filling in Compression Resin Transfer Molding (CRTM) Using a Three-Dimensional Finite-Volume Formulation
Seuffert, J.; Kärger, L.; Henning, F.
2018. Journal of composites science, 2 (2), Article: 23. doi:10.3390/jcs2020023
Simulation of the influence of embedded inserts on the rtm filling behavior considering local fiber structure
Seuffert, J.; Kärger, L.; Henning, F.
2017. 21st Symposium on Composites, 2017; Bremen; Germany; 5 July 2017 through 7 July 2017. Ed.: A. S. Herrmann, 681–688, Trans Tech Publications. doi:10.4028/