Structural Analysis of Composite Laminates


To reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, lightweight materials such as fiber-reinforced plasics (FRP) are increasingly being used in vehicle construction. The course is dedicated to the calculation of the material and structural behavior of FRP components with the following contents:

  • Micromechanics and Homogenization of fibre-matrix-composite
  • macromechanical behavior of individual layer
  • Behaviour of multilayer laminate
  • FE formulations
  • Failure criteria
  • damage analysis
  • Dimensioning of FRP parts

Aim of this lecture: The students understand the mechanical correlation between fibre-matrix-configuration and macroscopic material behavior.  They can formulate the stress-strain / force-strain relation of an individual layer and of a multilayer laminate by approaches of first and higher order. The students know and can interpret and apply failure criteria and approaches to model damage progression. They know simple dimension strategies to design FRP components.

Language of instructionGerman

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