Tutorial - Automotive Engineering I

  • Typ: Tutorial - English spoken
  • Lehrstuhl: Fahrzeugtechnik
  • Ort:

    Seminarraum 107, Geb. 50.31

  • Zeit:

    winter semester

    14:00 - 15:30

  • Beginn: 08.11.2022
  • Dozent:

    Dr.-Ing. Martin Gießler

  • SWS: 1 (no ETCS credits are given)
  • LVNr.: 2113818

Within this english spoken tutorial the content of the lecture "Automotive Engineering I" is deepend by the discussion and calculation of example tasks. The visit is recommended as it is a good preparation for the exam in "Automotive Engineering I".

This exercise will take place on the following dates:

No. 1: Driving resistances, driving power and mechanics of driving forces - 08.11.2022
No. 2: Mechanics of braking and lateral dynamics and stability - 29.11.2022
No. 3: Passive safety, combustion engines and exhaust emissions - 13.12.2022
No. 4: Fuel consumption, air-fuel equivalence ratio, exhaust emissions of diesel and alternative drive systems -  17.01.2023
No. 5: Clutch coupling, gearbox and flow clutch - 31.01.2023
No. 6: Stepless mechanical transmission, shafts and joints and differentials - 14.02.2023

NOTE: No ETCS Credits are given for the visit of this tutorial!