Identification and Prediction of Road Features and their Contribution on Tire Road Noise

  • Tagung:

    EUROMECH 578: Rolling Contact Mechanics for Multibody System Dynamcis

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    Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

  • Datum:

    April 10 - 13, 2017

  • Autoren:

    Masino, J.
    Wohnhas, B.
    Frey, M.
    Gauterin, F.

  • Abstract:

    Traffic noise has large consequences on the appreciation of the living quality close to roads and is considered as a health problem today. It leads to speech interference, sleep disturbances, and general annoyance. The major contributor to traffic noise is tire/road noise. Many studies show the influence of different road types or vehicles on tire/road noise or on the noise inside the vehicle. This study focuses on the contribution of the overdrive of different road features on the tire/road noise for various velocities. Experimental measurements based on the ISO-13325 Coast-By Method are performed to determine the relative Sound Pressure Level of road features compared to a normal Asphalt road in good condition. The results show, that road features are at least 4 dB higher than the reference Asphalt road for the investigated velocities, except for manhole cover at 8.3 m/s. Therefore, road features and damages have a significant contribution to tire/road noise and on human health. To identify and predict such road features, we present a method based on vehicle sensors and data mining methods. The sensors are an inertial sensor placed at the centre of gravity of the vehicle and a sound pressure sensor in the tire cavity. The sensors combined with the data analysis method represent a strong system to comprehensively and automatically identify and predict road features and the road infrastructure condition and subsequently road segments with a high value in tire/road noise. With the output of the presented method maintenance and repairs can be done efficiently, which contributes to lower tire/road noise and less disturbance of residents.

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