Holistic Methodology for Generating Customer-Related Testing Profiles for Electrified Powertrains

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    30th electric vehicle symposium (EVS 30)

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    Friedmann, M.
    Lensch-Franzen, C.
    Gohl, M.
    Gauterin, F.

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    Friedmann, M.

  • This paper describes the transfer and application of the ”Road2Dyno“-Methodology at APL to electrified powertrains in all occurring designs. Thereby it should be noted that the components of conventional powertrains undergo different load spectra or can even be entirely substituted by electric components with increasing degree of electrification. The requirement matrix to a holistic testing approach has to include the changing load spectra of conventional as well as of the electric powertrain components. The methodology permits the definition of customer representative test requirements from vehicle down to component level at any stage of maturity under consideration of all powertrain topology or degree of electrification.