Chassis Concept for Large Load Ranges with Integrated Level Control for the U-Shift Project

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    Bargende M., Reuss HC., Wagner A. (eds) 22. Internationales Stuttgarter Symposium. P.220-288. Proceedings. Springer Vieweg, Wiesbaden

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In the automated, driverless, electric vehicle concept U-Shift, a new type of mobility is created by separating a vehicle into a drive module and a transport capsule. The autonomous driving module, known as a driveboard, is able to change the transport capsules independently and thus serves to transport both people and goods. The wide range of possible capsules poses great challenges for the development of the driveboard and especially the chassis.

A novel chassis concept with integrated level control for the driveboard is presented, which masters the above-mentioned challenges. For the front axle, a solution with a combination of a subframe and a lifting device is used. A new design approach is used on the rear axle. As a special feature, the entire load range can be covered by the same mechanical spring-damper unit. The forces acting between the body and the wheels are adapted by exploiting geometric and physical relationships. In addition to the load adjustment, the presented chassis concept allows a level control and thus the lifting and lowering of the body of the driveboard down to ground level. Therefore, no further lifting devices are necessary for changing the capsule and, for example, for loading and unloading capsules that have been lowered to the ground.