Operationalisation of Human Drivers’ Subjective Dynamics Perception in Automated Longitudinally Controlled Passenger Vehicles

  • Autor:

    Radke, T.

    Lewandowitz, L.

    Gauterin, F.

    Kaczmarek, T.

  • Quelle:

    Int. J. Vehicle Autonomous Systems, 11 (1), Taylor & Francis, London, 2013

  • For customer acceptance an adequate parameterisation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems concerning the driving style dynamics is needed. A two-step empirical approach was used to quantify objectively the dynamics level of an arbitrary driving style. First six participants drove the test vehicle manually, second 30 participants were driven with automated longitudinal control. Driving styles were varied. Relevant parameters were merged into a single value called ’Dynamics Factor’, which is valid for the objective measurement of human subjective dynamics perception in automated longitudinally controlled passenger vehicles. Significant influencing factors are proven, explaining the interindividual variance and overall complexity of dynamics perception.