Model-Based Condition Monitoring of the Sensors and Actuators of an Electric and Automated Vehicle


Scheme of condition monitoring of sensors and actuators.

Constant monitoring of driving conditions and observation of the surrounding area are essential for achieving reliable, high-quality autonomous driving. This requires more reliable sensors and actuators, as there is always the potential that sensors and actuators will fail under real-world conditions. The sensitive condition-monitoring methods of sensors and actuators should be used to improve the reliability of the sensors and actuators. They should be able to detect and isolate the abnormal situations of faulty sensors and actuators. In this paper, a developed model-based method for condition monitoring of the sensors and actuators in an electric vehicle is presented that can determine whether a sensor has a fault and further reconfigure the sensor signal, as well as detect the abnormal behavior of the actuators with the reconfigured sensor signals. Through the simulation data obtained by the vehicle model in complex road conditions, it is proved that the method is effective for the state detection of sensors and actuators.