A Gyroscopic Damper System – A Damping Control with New Performance

  • Autor:

    Scheurich, B.

    Gentner, M.

    Frey, M.

    Gauterin, F.

  • Quelle:

    Applied Mechanics and Materials (Volume 772), Pages: 178 - 182, Trans Tech Publications, Dürnten, Switzerland, 2015

  • Datum: Juli 2015


A new approach substitutes the damper of a passenger car by a cardanic gimbaled flywheel mass. The constructive design leads to a rotary damper in which the vertical movement of the wheel carrier leads to revolution of the rotational axis of the flywheel. In this arrangement, the occurring precession moments are used to control damping moments and to store vibration energy. Different damper characteristics are achieved by different velocities of the inner ring. From almost zero torque output to high torque output, this damper has a huge spread. In this paper a control concept for a LQR is presented. The objective of the control is an adequate motion of the gyroscope to a desired damping characteristic of a passenger car.