Less Range as a Possible Solution for the Market Success of Electric Vehicles in Commercial Fleets

  • Tagung:The 27th International Electric Vehicle Symposium 2013
  • Tagungsort:Barcelona, Spanien
  • Datum:

    November 17th -20th 2013

  • Autoren:

    Pfriem, M.

    Gauterin, F.

This study analyses the real-world usage of electric vehicles (EVs) in the French-German border region in commercial fleets in a field operational test with more than 100 EVs. Android smartphones are employed as data loggers in the vehicles for GPS data and additional trip data. It is shown from the analysis of about 3,000 trips that the EVs are as pool vehicles dominantly chosen for short trips with mostly only one person and few payload in a small local area. They show a daily mobility far below their maximum range with long parking hours at night. Likewise there is no need for fast-charging. The data suggests that about 90 % of the mobile days could be covered with an EV range of 60 km and nightly recharging. A model calculation indicates that an accordingly specified EV would have significantly lower battery costs. In a total cost of ownership (TCO) perspective this might even lead to a cost advantage in comparison to a conventional car. This would form a working business case for electric vehicles in commercial fleets and remove a major obstacle for their market success. Furthermore the market potential in commercial fleets is pointed out based mobility studies and the German fleet structure.