A Method to Analyze Driver Influence on the Energy Consumption and Power Needs of Electric Vehicles

  • Tagung:

    International Electric Vehicle Conference (IEVC)

  • Tagungsort:

    Florenz, Italien

  • Datum:

    December 17th -19th 2014

  • Autoren:

    Kubaisi, R.

    Gauterin, F.

    Gießler, M.

  • Referent:

    Kubaisi, R.

  • Quelle:

    IEEE International Electric Vehicle Conference 2014 (IEEE-IEVC2014)

  • The energy consumption and power needs of electric vehicles are evaluated on roller test benches according to test procedures defined by legal standards and by vehicle manufacturers. These test procedures are mainly defined by driving cycles and include tolerances to compensate for the human error during these tests. These tolerances may seem to make the tests easier but they can have a big effect on the appropriate dimensioning of the components, and also on the performance of the vehicle. Within this paper, a method is presented, which enables the quantification of these effects depending on the type of the test procedure, and the way the driving cycle is driven. The developed method has been tested in a simulation environment and several standard test procedures were analyzed.