Development of real-world Driving Cycles for Battery Electric Vehicles

  • Autor:

    Pfriem, M.

    Gauterin, F.

  • Quelle:

    World Electric Vehicle Journal, Vol. 8, Pg. 14-24, Washington D.C., USA,ISSN: 2032-6653

  • Datum: 2016


Driving cycles are used in various aspects of vehicle development and for the homologation of new vehicles. The character and duration of a cycle have a huge impact on the energy consumption for longitudinal dynamics and comfort functions. Current driving cycles are widely criticised for their insufficient representation of real-world driving, especially for battery electric vehicles (BEV). Therefore we developed three driving cycles for BEV that are based on empiric data from a large-scale field operational test with electric vehicles (project CROME) for future application in research and policy making.