• Autor:

    Römer, J.

    Mayer, M. P.

  • Quelle:

    WO 18036580


Source: WO18036580A1 [EN] By means of a controlled distribution of the drive power to individual wheels, wheel-selective traction drives allow the lateral dynamics of the vehicle to be influenced by varying variables relating primarily to longitudinal dynamics. By using wheel-selective traction drives on the steered axle of a vehicle, the wheels can be steered by a controlled adjustment of the differences in the drive power. A vehicle (1) is provided comprising a steering axle (2) and a steering device (7) for steering the steering axle (2). A steering wheel angle can be input via the steering device (7), said steering wheel angle leading to a steering angle of wheels (4a, b) of the steering axle. A quotient of the steering wheel angle to the steering angle defines a steering ratio. The vehicle also comprises a first drive (6), said first drive (6) allowing a wheel-selective distribution of a first torque to the wheels (5a, b) of the steering axle (2); a drive axle (3); and a second drive (9), said second drive (9) allowing a wheel-selective distribution of a second torque to the wheels (14a, b) of the drive axle (3). A controller (11) is provided for receiving input variables, said input variables being designed as drive dynamic variables of the vehicle (1), wherein the drive dynamic variables allow a change in the steering ratio to be ascertained, and the controller outputs control information for distributing the drive torque of the second drive (9) as an output variable in order to reduce or completely compensate for the change or to track a target value.