3D brush model to predict longitudinal tyre characteristics

A 3D tyre brush model, which aims to predict the longitudinal tyre characteristic under steady-state conditions by modelling the occurring physical effects in the tyre–road contact patch, is presented. The model includes an analytical method to describe the tyre footprint geometry, the pressure distribution, the slip due to the lateral tyre contour, the slip due to braking or traction and the longitudinal as well as the lateral shear stresses on a flattened tyre. The presented development tool offers a method to investigate different rubber friction data (caused by different tread compounds and/or surface textures) and to analyse its influence on longitudinal tyre characteristics. The tyre design is fixed (same casing, dimension and pattern). The results include the shear stresses as well as the different sliding velocities in the contact patch for different slip conditions. The model was developed for a standard summer pattern design and a standard tyre dimension (205/55R16). It can also be adapted to other tread designs and tyre dimensions. To offer a good comparability between model results and test bench measurements, the surface curvature of an internal test rig is considered.