Analysis of tire road noise using a tire cavity sound measurement system

  • Tagung:

    EURONOISE 2012

  • Tagungsort:

    Prague,Czech Republic

  • Datum:

    June 10th-13th 2012

  • Autoren:

    Krauss, O.
    Gauterin, F.

  • In:

    EURONOISE Prague 2012 - Conference Proceedings

  • Herausgeber:

    European Acoustic Association (Hrsg.) ; Czech Acoustical Society (Veranst.)

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At the Institute of Vehicle System Technology, a tire cavity sound measurement system is being developed. The intention is to analyse the acoustic state of road surfaces bymeans of measuring the sound inside the tire.

After having built up the tire cavity sound measurement system, several measurements on the institute’s inner drum test bench were performed to gain basic knowledge about the measurement principle and the relevant influencing factors. Afterwards, tire cavity soundmeasurements were conducted on the road in combi-nation with a CPX trailer (close proximity method [1]). Different tires were measured on several road surfaces to investigate the correlation between the internal and external tire sound and to compare the sound emission of different road surfaces.

After presenting the tire cavity sound measurement system, re-levant measurement results (from test bench and road) will be discussed.