A Novel Chassis Concept For Power Steering Systems Driven By Wheel Individual Torque At The Front Axle

  • Tagung:

    25. Aachener Kolloquium

  • Tagungsort:

    Aachen, Germany

  • Datum:

    October 10th-12th 2016

  • Autoren:

    Kautzmann, P.

    Römer, J.

    Frey, M.

    Mayer, M. Ph.

  • Abstract


    The project "Intelligent Assisted Steering System with Optimum Energy Efficiency for Electric Vehicles (e²-Lenk)" focuses on a new assisted steering concept for electric cars. We analysed different suspensions to use with this innovative power steering concept driven by wheel individual drive torque at the front axle. Our investigations show the potential of conventional suspensions but reveal the limitations of standard chassis design. Optimized suspension parameters are needed to generate steering torque efficiently. Therefore, we use IPG CarMaker® as simulation software and IPG Kinematics ™ for suspension design. Additional requirements arise from emergency braking and electronic stability control systems. In lever arm design a trade-off between disturbing and utilizable forces occurs. We present a new design space for a novel chassis layout and discuss and a first suspension design proposal.