Efficiency Optimisation of Tracked Vehicles Using Secondary Control in a Single-Circuit Load Sensing System

  • Autor:

    Peter Dengler
    Lars Völker
    Wolfgang Kauß
    Marcus Geimer

  • Quelle:

    Beitrag zu „7th International Conference on Fluid Power (IFK)“

  • Datum: Aachen, 22.-24. März 2010
  • Abstract

    The paper describes a concept of a secondary controlled traction drive integrated in a common Load Sensing system. When used in a single circuit system, a secondary controlled drive for tracked vehicles shows a big efficiency optimisation potential compared to other drives. The high losses at turns can be avoided if two secondary controlled units are connected to a single Load Sensing valve. The traction drive is still supplied in a traditional way using Load Sensing. For steering, the secondary controlled units are integrated in a control loop where the steering ratio is used as command value.