Self-Optimizing Architecture in Mobile Machines

  • Autor:

    Timo Kautzmann,
    Micaela Wünsche,
    Sanaz Mostaghim,
    Marcus Geimer,
    Hartmut Schmeck

  • Quelle: 6th FPNI- PhD Symposium
    West Lafayette 2010
    proceedings p. 479 - 488
  • Datum: 15.-19.06.2010
  • Today’s machine management systems in off-highway machines are designed to optimize with respect to a target function without integrating the entire machine or considering environmental interactions. For that reason the interdisciplinary project OCOM – “Organic Computing in Off-highway Machines” started in February 2009 to design an architecture for an off-highway machine in order to close that gap. Optimization of fuel consumption is exemplarily chosen even though many other goals are reachable. This paper will introduce the generic architecture; first results will be presented.