Flexibles Management für Traktoren

  • Autor:

    Timo Kautzmann

    Marcus Geimer

    Micaela Wünsche

    Sanaz Mostaghim

    Hartmut Schmeck

  • Quelle:

    70. Internationale Tagung "Land.Technik". Mit Erfahrung und Innovationskraft zu mehr Effizienz. 06. und 07. November 2012, Karlsruhe.
    Ltg.: T. Lang
    Verlag: Karlsruhe
    Jahr: 2012
    Seitenangabe: 69-74

  • Abstract:

    The development of a flexible and holistic management for tractors is motivated by the multitude of different internal and external influences of an increasingly complex system. As concrete realisation of such a management, the observer/controller-architecture is introduced. Presented results show a comparison of  the holistic approach with the conventional management within DLG-Powermix Z2-ploughing.