Cross-Company System Simulation using the GUSMA-Standard for Co-Simulation

  • Autor:

    Andreas Rüdenauer

    Song Han

    Marcus Geimer

  • Quelle:

    Simpack News
    Band: 16
    Seitenangabe: 26 - 30

  • Datum: Juli 2012
  • Abstract

    The industry of mobile machines is well known for the development of highly innovative and complex products. They are affected by all mechatronic disciplines, all of which can be found in one system. Along with the trend to intelligent and adaptive systems, automation is becoming more important on all system levels. This leads to an even higher interdependence between the specific mechatronic disciplines. Co-operation between in-house engineers and suppliers puts further emphasis on a highly efficient product development process. One promising approach is to establish close OEM-supplier-networks by using cross-company virtual prototypes. For this reason, a coupled simulation in a cross-company development process was created in the joint project GUSMA.