Physics-Based and Data-Enhanced Model for Electric Drive Sizing during System Design of Electrified Powertrains

  • Autor:

    Decker, L.

    Förster, D.

    Gauterin, F.

    Doppelbauer, M.

  • Quelle:

    MDPI Vehicles 2021, 3(3), 512-532

  • Datum: 08.08.2021


In multi-drive electrified powertrains, the control strategy strongly influences the component load collectives. Due to this interdependency, the component sizing becomes a difficult task. This paper comprehensively analyses different electric drive system sizing methods for multi-drive systems in the literature. Based on this analysis, a new data-enhanced sizing approach is proposed. While the characteristic is depicted with a physics-based polynomial model, a data-enhanced limiting function ensures the parameter variation stays within a physically feasible range. Its beneficial value is demonstrated by applying the new model to a powertrain system optimization. The new approach enables a detailed investigation of the correlations between the characteristic of electric drive systems and the overall vehicle energy consumption for varying topologies. The application results demonstrate the accuracy and benefit of the proposed model.