A Generic Approach to Modeling Vehicle Pitch Dynamics on a Vehicle Test Bench


The complexity of ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems) and AD (Autonomous Driving) functions increased in the last years. As the effort required for conventional test methods has grown significantly, new test procedures on vehicle test benches have been developed. This article deals with Vehicle in the Loop testing on vehicle test benches for ADAS and AD functions. The focus is set on the vehicle body movements caused by the vehicle on the test bench. For this purpose, the different pitch motions for road and test bench are derived using a vehicle dynamics model. On this basis, a novel model approach is developed, which uses the Lagrange’s II. equation to determine the pitch motion of the vehicle on the test bench. The validity of the new model approach is confirmed by measurements and creates a generic basis to consider the influence of the vehicle's pitch motion while testing ADAS and AD functions on a vehicle test bench.