Standardisation of the co-simulation of mobile machines with participation of different business partners

  • Autor:

    Lars Völker
    Song Han
    Marcus Geimer

  • Quelle:

    Tagungsband zu "Landtechnik 2009", Hannover, November 2009, S. 469 - 474

  • Datum: Samstag, 07.11.09
  • Abstract
    Modern products are characterized by an interdisciplinary development in fields like mechanics, hydraulics and controls. This development process can be optimized by using the coupled simulation. In this contribution facts will be shown why today the coupled simulation with more than two involved software tools is not used in the R&D process in mobile machine industry. Beside these facts methods of resolution will be described how a coupled simulation could work avoiding these problems. They are based on the idea of a simulation platform for a standardized coupled simulation.



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    Tagung Landtechnik 2009
    Hannover 6.-7.11.2009
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